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in September of 2003, We were married at the Silverstone Golf Club in Vegas, and we think everyone had a blast. (we know WE did!!!) (Major thanks to Annie at Silverstone Golf Club for making sure everything was absolutely perfect.)

The Wedding Pictures
Part 1 - Before the Ceremony
Part 2 - The Ceremony
Part 3 - Wedding Party & Posed Pics
Part 4 - The Reception, Pt 1
Part 5 - The Reception, Pt 2
Part 6 - The Reception, Pt 3
Rehearsal Dinner and Random Fun Pics
Pics of Vegas
The Party in Baltimore, Part 1
The Party in Baltimore, Part 2

The WeddingWelcome to our wedding page. We were hitched on Saturday, September 13th, 2003, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (No, not at the Elvis chapel...) The wedding was at The Silverstone Golf Resort, 20 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. The wedding was originally scheduled to be held in Red Rock Canyon, until (fortunately) we decided to make a trip out to check everything out, and we saw what we were in for. See the horror story and pics below.

The style was a "Rat Pack" theme. Jeff and the guys were in classic white jacket/black pant tuxedos and Kim's dress was a spectacular "traditional" wedding dress. In keeping with the black/white/red theme, the bridesmaids wore classic black/white dresses and the bride's bouquet and bridesmaid's flowers were made up of roses.

The food at Silverstone was fantastic. From bacon wrapped scallops to the white chocolate fountain, the preparation and presentation was flawless. They really did a great job and we recommend them highly. The cake was made by Cakes by Ruth and looked fantastic. Jeff did the toppers of a K and Q of hearts and dice and casino chips on his own.

For those of you considering a wedding in Vegas, please feel free to contact us, and we'd be happy to share all our information on invitations, flowers, makeup, cakes, places, restaurants, etc., in Vegas. We're pretty much experts, now.

Our rehearsal dinner was at the RumJungle Restaurant at the Mandalay Bay Hotel at the end of the strip. just so happens to have the largest selection of Rum in the country! The food was spectacular, make sure to check out the fire pit. Amazing. Great service, and the drinks are fantastic.

We used a company called Las Vegas Limousines for trasportation (2 buses and a limo that NEVER SHOWED!), so, even though they're under new management, we cannot recommend them. The buses got lost bringing guests to the wedding, and our limo just plain never showed up, so we hitched a ride back with the guests.

RumJungle pics:

(click image for larger pic)

Rumjungle Rumjungle Rumjungle Rumjungle Rumjungle

The REAL Red Rock Canyon!!

As it turned out, the Red Rock Canyon (while it is a lovely canyon) wedding site is actually a rest stop on the side of a very busy highway. We had begun hearing horrible things about it (i.e. favorite resting area for bikers, never closed to the public, the park being one of the busiest in the nation, and a helicopter pad less than 50 feet from the wedding site) that we decided to check it out on an April visit to Vegas. Everything we heard was true...and more. What a horror show.

There were (as you can see in the pics) a line of motorcycles literally 10 ft from the wedding spot. Kids were running around. Trash was everywhere. The smell from the public restrooms was putrid. The spot where the ceremony takes place was about 10 feet by 10 feet. We also found out that the ceremony lasts about 5 minutes, after which they whisk you away so the next group can come in, and so on. There are a couple decent areas for pictures, if you feel like hiking in your wedding dress and tux a mile through the desert.

Needless to say, we decided to change our plans immediately and opt for the more traditional setting where we knew we'd be safe. Warning: You will lose your deposit (ours was $250 wasted). It is a total joke. Please feel free to take a look at pictures of the REAL Red Rock Canyon wedding site.

Should you know of anyone contemplating a Red Rock Wedding, smack them silly, tell them to wake up, and be sure to direct them to our site! These pictures speak for themselves. Red Rock Weddings are a total scam.

The pictures they put on their sites. Oh, my, how sweet, how beautiful...

(click image for larger pic)
The Fake Red Rock Canyon Wedding The Fake Red Rock Canyon Wedding The Fake Red Rock Canyon Wedding The Fake Red Rock Canyon Wedding The Fake Red Rock Canyon Wedding The Fake Red Rock Canyon Wedding

...and the REAL Red Rock pictures they DON'T want you to see...

(click image for larger pic)
The Real Redrock Wedding The Real Redrock Wedding The Real Redrock Wedding The Real Redrock Wedding The Real Redrock Wedding The Real Redrock Wedding